• El Buen Pastor

Thank you for your interest in supporting the El Buen Pastor Fund.

The El Buen Pastor Fund is an IRS approved tax-deductible, nonprofit, US Corporation 501(c)(3). It is run according to corporate legal requirements and has been formally organized as a Washington State nonprofit corporation since June, 2002, providing ongoing funding for orphans in Mexico. Before its formal non-profit incorporation, the Fund existed in a non-formal status since 1989.

The formalized Fund was established by Donna Zimmerman, a great supporter of the orphans of Mexico. Donna, unfortunately, passed away in 2007. The Board has carried on this Fund receiving monies from individual donors and fundraising events throughout the year.

The policy of the Fund is that every cent raised goes directly to meet the needs of the children. There are NO fundraising or travel expenses and no administrative salaries.

The major goals of the fund are to improve education for the children, enrichment opportunities to provide a creative outlet and knowledge for personal growth, an adequate program of medical and dental care, and attention to such basic needs as nutrition, sufficient clothing, shoes and required school uniforms.