Education at Hogar Irekani is of the utmost importance from the youngest students in kindergarten to those pursuing high school diplomas and advanced studies. The primary goal is to have all the children work to meet their potential and be able to make meaningful contributions to society.

Time is spent each day studying alone or in groups.

Thanks to individual donors, some computers have been donated so that all the children may receive lessons and use this important skill which is necessary in our ever changing world.

All children are expected to attend school if they are at this orphanage. They must be provided with uniforms before they can attend. We need money to provide this.

Some of the children choose to take the technical strand in their education and require tools for whichever trade they enroll in. We are always looking for donors to provide money for the necessary implements.

Older students that choose to continue with their academics sometimes need or chose classes that have a fee attached and the El Buen Fund tries to provide this.

Tutors are occasionally provided from a University nearby, sometimes from the Baden Powell Institute.

Sometimes, from friends of the orphanage who have a special skill and the time to assist.

Music which is important to the Mexican culture is provided as much as possible. The kids are exposed to choir, guitar lessons and soon, piano lessons for those interested. They show a great deal of talent for their age!!